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KerraContact™ Ag is a dressing for chronic and acute wounds that utilizes Ag Oxysalts™ Technology. Ag Oxysalts™ is a unique type of silver that delivers a quick 5 log bacteria kill rate while at the same time being gentle on patients and your budget. The result is a silver dressing with more positives.


Quickly kills 99.999% of a broad spectrum of bacteria.
Disrupts and breaks down biofilm to expose bacteria.
Kills bacteria for up to seven days.
Minimal stinging or pain.
Cost effective.
Two outer layers of flexible, non-adherent high-density polyethylene.
Can be applied wet or dry, cut to shape to fit wound area, and folded/shaped for cavities.
Polyester inner layer offers absorbency and flexibility.
Can absorb five times its own weight and is compatible with other secondary dressing.

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