Item Code: 000104

Brand                                  CalmoseptineĀ®

Manufacturer                     Calmoseptine 

Application                         Skin Protectant 

For Use With                      Moisturizer relieving discomfort and itching


  • Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment keeps skin clean, moisturized and dry. 
  • Has a shrinking or drying effect on moist skin. 
  • Stimulates the nerve endings.

Calmoseptine Moisture Barrier Ointment is a multipurpose moisture barrier that temporarily relieves discomfort and itching. It contains calamine, zinc oxide, menthol and lanolin. It acts as a barrier to protect the skin and draw away moisture and helps to heal skin irritations from incontinence, feeding tube leakage, scrapes, fecal or vaginal fistulas, wound drainage and diaper rash.

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