Compression By Medi!

We are proud to offer in-store a variety of compression stocking offerings by Medi. Let us help you get the stockings you need to feel better! We also can special order most stockings by Medi and have it shipped right to you free of charge.

Who should use compression therapy?

Graduated medical compression is one of the easiest and most effective ways to manage the symptoms of vein disease. duomed compression garments can help reduce swelling in the legs, relieve pain, and prevent the progression of vein disease. Even if you do not have visible signs of vein disease, you can benefit from wearing a compression garment: it can help improve your blood flow, keep your legs feeling fresh and energized, and prevent the development of complicated vein problems.


15-20 mmHg / 20-30 mmHg
Minor to Moderate spider veins
Minor to Moderate edema
Minor varicose veins
Varices during pregnancy
Minor foot, ankle, and leg swelling

20-30 mmHg
Superficial thrombosis
Post sclerotherapy
Tired, achy legs

20-30 mmHg / 30-40 mmHg
Moderate varicose veins
Moderate edema

30-40 mmHg
Lymphatic edema
Management of venous ulcers
Prevention of venous ulcers
Prevention of post-thrombotic syndrome
Orthostatic hypotension
Pregnancy with previous phlebitis
Stasis dermatitis due to Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

How to apply Thigh High Closed-Toe compression stockings

How to apply Thigh High Closed-Toe compression stockings

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