In order for an insurance carrier to cover and pay for supplies and/or equipment, medical necessity must be validated from the patient's medical history. This means when an ordering provider prescribes an item, they should also be noting it in their chart with a reason why. For example, a patient needs a blood pressure monitor for home use. The doctor should 1) write a prescription for the blood pressure monitor 2) note in the patients chart they prescribed a blood pressure monitor due to their high blood pressure, etc which requires monitoring. Your medical records provide context (ie reason for medical necessity) for the item the physician prescribed/ordered.
Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Order Form (Medi-Cal Only)
Bath Equipment Order Form (Medi-Cal Only)
Manual Blood Pressure Cuffs
Sliding Transfer Bench/Hand Held Shower (Medi-Cal Only)
** Note - Rollators will no longer be offered by VPC due to decline in reimbursement and increasing costs. Only Two wheeled walkers will be offerred by our office. Thank you
Hospital Beds - TBD
Hospital Bed Order Form (Coming Soon)
Incontinence Supplies
Incontinence Supplies Order Form (Medi-Cal Only)
Wipes/Gloves (Medi-Cal Only)
General Flyer (Private Pay)
Pessary Ring Order Form (Private Pay)
Facility Incontinence Order Form (Private Pay)
Ostomy Supplies
Ostomy Supplies Order Form - 1 Piece System
Ostomy Supplies Order Form - 2 Piece System
Tracheostomy Supplies
Tracheostomy Supplies Order Form
Urostomy Supplies
Urostomy Supplies Order Form - 1 Piece System
Urostomy Supplies Order Form - 2 Piece System
Urological Supplies
Condom Catheter Supplies Order Form
Indwelling Catheter Supplies Order Form
Intermittent Catheter Supplies Order Form
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