Rentals by VPC

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Rentals by VPC


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Referrals List

VPC does offer insurance for certain category of items but not for Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, or Patient Lifts. Please see our referral list for assistance. 

Hopital Beds.

Semi-Electric - $159.00/month

Full-Electric - $199.00/month

Rentals capped at 6 months.

This rental includes the following:

1) Hospital bed
2) Therapeutic Zone 5 Mattress 
3) Choice of half or full rails (subject to availability)
4) Complimentary set of Hospital Bed Sheets
5) Delivery and Pickup are included in the rate (we do not prorate).


Standard - $30.00/month

Reclining - $80.00/month

Rental is capped at 8 months.

This rental includes the following:
1) Standard wheelchair
2) Swing away foot rests (elevating available for an additional $10/mo)

Patient Lifts.

Hydraulic (Manual) - $89.00/month

Electric (Battery) - Only available by purchase

Rental is capped at 9 months.

This rental includes the following:
1) Standard hydraulic patient lift

*Patient slings are sold separately and not included


6, 8 or 9 month capped rental...

Some rentals are part of our capped rental program to assist with affordability long term.

This means after the set capped period, VPC will no longer charge rent on the item until it is returned. VPC still owns the equipment and will fix issues that may arise.